Terms and conditions of the Safetop Outlet  



The selected products to this Outlet are the sames that the products of the regular catalogue, normals and of a first-rate, unless otherwise specified.

The quantities of each item offered in the Outlet are limited and it is variable in a short time, so it is advisable to ask directly about this particular.

The sizes, colours, measures and models depend of the sales because Outlet products are not replaced.

Outlet items cannot be returned, after 10 calendar days from the delivery day.

The prices of the Outlet products, are our basic prices for sale to the public, and agreed prices are subjected to the commercial discount of the Safetop's price list to each retailer.

All other conditions remain unchanged.

Other question or aclaration, we attend you in this phone:

+34 981 649 811
or in mail: info@safetop.net                                               >> Go to the outlet