Actualización de productos  
Referencias 80163 y 80228

Debido a la recertificación de las referencias 80163 (absorbedor con cinta elástica y mosquetones) y 80228 (doble cinta elástica con mosquetones), en próximos pedidos ambos productos se servirán con mosquetón 80112, de rosca y 25 Kn, sustituyendo este al 80111, de apertura rápida.
Este cambio se mantendrá para el futuro.
Más info en las fichas técnicas de producto:




  We are going to move !  
Next Monday, the 13th, we will be at our new facilities at the Iñás Polygon

We plan to move to our new facilities next Friday, so on Fryday afternoon we will be closed to start the move.
We hope that on Monday, 13thm, we can take care of orders in our new facilities:

Iñás Polygon, Parcela 4.1B, C/Morrazo, nº 2, 15171 – Iñás - Oleiros, A Coruña.

For collection of goods, please call us for previous confirmation.
If there were any problems when calling, or trying to contact by email, please contact with our sales manager directly: http://www.safetop.net/es/representantes.html



  New opening Top-Protección (Tarragona)  
Top Protección (Tarragona) has just opened its new store

Recently, one of our clients in Tarragona, has opened a new store, with an exclusive space dedicated to Safetop®. Then, we show you several pictures of the area dedicated to our brand inside of the store "Top-Protección", where you can see an important product representation of our productS: gloves, eye protection, respiratory protection, head protection, and fall arrest.
Images: http://bit.ly/2cXgTeN
In the pictures, our sales representative of Barcelona, Francisco López, Commercial Director, Enrique García, and the owners and promoters of Adriá project and Joan Ferré with his wife.



  Newsletter Safetop nº 21  
We present the Safetop Gazzete

In this new edition we present the latest developments in security equipment, including new models of bags for fall arrest equipments, made of polyester with extra resistant fabric and reinforced seams.
We also present the new softshell Aldan, which we expect to put on the marked very soon, under the brand Tromso Wowrwear.
The new jacket includes fleece lining, it is windproof and waterproof, breathable and with stretch performance, which provides more freedom of movement.
We also dedicate a section to the 25th Anniversary of Safetop and the XI Convention Safetop, attended by the sales managers. There were several conferences and meetings, in order to analyze and optimize resources and results. After the presentations, there was time to enjoy and the team could enjoy playing a race of cars. Do you want to know the score?

More info here...


Summary of new products 2015


After numerous inquires from our customers abaout the new products included in the new price list (2015, June), we have developed a new catalog, in which you can find the details and features of these products.

<< Download here


This year Safetop will celebrate
its 25th Anniversary


We were born 25 years ago with the exciting project to bring personal protective equipment to more and more workers from all sectors and occupations, from one-person independent to large enterprises with thousands of employees. Protective equipment of quality and comfort increasingly higher, with a different and innovative business philosophy based on a horizontal, clear and direct dialogue with our customers-dealers, trying to offer cooperation and innovative solutions, competitive and attractive equipment.
Today, in 2015, we are proud of having achieved this goal and continue with the illusion and intact emotion, as the first day, under new and vibrant goals that make us look beyond the horizon, to a future of grwth always based on innovation, quality and comfort.



  Safetop grows  
  Our catalog now available in English and French

Safetop grows presenting its catalog in English and French, now available on our website, in the "FILES" section.
Since 1990, Safetop has grown to become, today, 25 years later, in a company that manufactures, markets and distributes all professional fields: from basic harnesses and fall arrest equipment to accessories for several uses, gloves for all applications, hearing protection, goggles, respirators, workwear, footwear. ..
Since that day in January 1990, we have increased exponentially the range of products in our catalogs, strengthened our sales and distribution, and we've had up to four different headquarters to adapt to our growth. In 2015 we have distributors in 8 countries in Europe and North Africa.
Since our inception we maintain the same enthusiasm to grow, to become better and better every day to offer products that combine quality and design, remaining faithful to our commitment and slogan of all these years, "quality of working".
We hope the two new languages ​​open new ways to us and our customers.



  Safetop Gazzete nº 20  
  We present you the new Gazzete Safetop

In this new edition of the newsletter we present the safety footwear Baio and Cancio, two models that combine design and maximum resistance, designed to work with maximum comfort, toecap, template and mesh lining. Baio and Cancio were Included in our catalog since October, and are still a bestseller and are the most requested by our customers.
In addition, we prepare you for low temperatures, presenting a full range of thermal gloves, prepared for the cold and certified according the european standards.
The newsletter also includes a news feed, dedicated to new clothing: Lemos and Lugo, designed and manufactured for professionals, made from 100% cotton with reinforced seams, high strength fabric, Cordura® fabric kneepads, and maximum comfort. This new line is designed to combine design and protection with maximum resistance to abrasion and wear.

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  ¿Qué os parece nuestro nuevo logotipo?  
  Finalizamos el año con aire fresco, estrenando imagen corporativa

Safetop estrena el nuevo año con imagen corporativa nueva: os presentamos nuestro estrenado logotipo, que empezaremos a aplicar a partir de 2015 en papelería, prendas, documentos oficiales, fichas de producto, y web.
Podéis descargaros la versión en alta resolución desde aquí:

<< Descarga aquí

Para cualquier consulta, no dudéis en preguntarnos.



  "Safetop 2014-2015" catalogue
is now
  We have just received the new catalogue , to come into force on 1 october 2014
We present the new edition of "Safetop 2014-2015" catalogue!!to come into force on 1 October 2014.
Our sales team will begin handing out hard copies in the coming days. Meanwhile, you can visit the link below "DOWNLOAD" which will take you directly to the catalog-rate in pdf format.
The new catalog-tariff contains plenty of new features that we hope will be interesting, and that the "fresh and dynamic" format and redistribution of content to make it more manageable and easy to query are to your liking.
For any clarification or inquiry on this matter, please contact us directly or contact our sales representative who attends regularly.

<< Download here


  We have here the Safetop gazette n.º 19!  
  We just received our Quarterly gazette, where we present the main developments in respiratory protection and fall protection.
We are pleased to present the quarterly Safetop News n.º 19, available now in pdf and we will soon be distributed among all our customers.
Here you can find our latest developments in respiratory half mask, with new Euromasks, available with 1 or 2 filters.
We also present the harness Bihor B, the new design provides great comfort and lightness, with a very simple adjustment and placement, making it an excellent choice for high altitude operation or pending construction.
In addition, we offer a complete selection of disposable guide divers, so you can choose the right garment according to risk and exposure.

<< Download here



  ATG: updated certificate Oeko-Tex®  
  ATG just released the updated certificate of Oeko-Tex®, standard that indicates the product isn't agressive to the skin.

ATG, brand gloves that we are distributors, just updated his OEKO TEX ® certificate. This Standard 100 is an independent control and certification system for textile raw materials, intermediate and finished products certifying that all products are free of toxic substances, such as regulated and prohibited by law or estimated chemical substances hazardous to health .
The certified articles: Maxiflex, Maxicut, Maxicut Oil, MaxiDry Plus, MaxiChem, MaxiChem Cut, Maxifoa , Maxidex, MaxiTherm, Maxilite, and comply the requirements of Annex XVII of REACH * (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restrictions of Chemical Substances): All components used in the manufacture comply with the directive to "regulation of chemicals and their safe use". This means that each and every one of the ATG products bearing this logo have been subjected to rigorous analysis to verify that they meet, without exception, with the criteria required by the Oeko -Tex ® Standard 100.

<< Download the certificate



  STAND 04 PABELLÓN 6. Os esperamos!!  
  En Safetop ya estamos preparando nuestro stand para la Feria SICUR 2014, que se celebrará los días 25, 26, 27 y 28 de febrero de 2014 en Madrid.

SICUR, Salón Internacional de la Seguridad, es el punto de encuentro y de negocio de profesionales de más de 15 sectores.
La feria, que se celebra con carácter bianual y ya va por la 19.ª edición, ofrece una perspectiva global del sector de la seguridad en todos sus ámbitos. El área de Prevención de Riesgos Laborales de SICUR reúne toda la oferta internacional en Equipos de Protección Individual, medidas de prevención y salud laboral, una industria marcada por el desarrollo tecnológico y la innovación.
En pasadas ediciones, ha llegado a reunir a medio millar de firmas expositoras de ámbito nacional e internacional, que aprovechan la feria para presentar las últimas novedades.
Fechas: 25-28 de febrero
Horarios: Martes a jueves, de 10:00 a 19:00 h / Viernes, de 10:00 a 17:00 h
Dirección: IFEMA
Avenida del Partenón n.º5
SICUR - 28042 - Madrid - España
Accesos: entrada sur



  La revista FSL destaca los productos Safetop  
  Safetop soldadura: protección y fiabilidad para un alto rendimiento

Safetop es uno de los proveedores pioneros en productos de protección para la soldadura y un proveedor especializado para todas las aplicaciones en el segmento de la protección laboral

La demanda mundial de equipos de protección individual sigue aumentando, lo que ha hecho que el segmento de la producción aumente sus actividades de explotación y mejora y que se hayan desarrollado EPI cada vez más técnicos y fiables. Más que nunca, Safetop Innovative Protection sigue comprometido con el desarrollo de nuevas tecnologías y proporciona las soluciones técnicas más rentables a sus clientes en proyectos y operaciones cada vez más complejos.

En un entorno cada vez más especializado, muchos de los productos estrella de la compañía fueron desarrollados junto con proveedores importantes de equipos que desempeñaron un papel relevante en la aparición de nuevos conceptos y soluciones tecnológicas eficaces.




  Safetop en la revista Protección Laboral  
  El nuevo catálogo Safetop, destacado en la gaceta nº 75

Safetop Innovative Protection edita su catálogo 2013-2014 con multitud de novedades en soluciones de altura...;
así se titula el artículo (página 58 de la revista), en donde se explican las principales novedades en arneses, enrolladores y soluciones anticaídas.

Desde hace más de dos décadas, la política seguida por la firma española está muy definida: invertir en innovación para ofrecer productos de máxima calidad. Bajo este lema, SAFETOP es hoy una de las marcas más reconocidas en España y Portugal, con una alta representación en países como Marruecos, Cuba, México, Angola, Francia o Túnez, entre otros.
De ahí que haya anunciado ya sus novedades para el 2014 y acabe de sacar su nuevo catálogo, repleto de novedades en todas las secciones.


    >> NEWS   We are expanding our catalog!    
Very soon we present our new range of products  

We anticipate that we are completing our product offerings with new models that we present in the next catalog, in which we are already working issue and hope to have ready soon. We will keep you from here!
This time we present two novelties: the glasses Argo and Phoebe in combinations amber and smoked.
Since the launch of these eye glasses with clear, strong demand for it has led us to launch variants
ARGO AMBER (Ref. 10632), ARGO SMOKED (Ref. 10635), PHOEBE AMBER (Ref. 10225) y PHOEBE SMOKED (Ref. 10228).

You can download the data sheets from this links:

FFP3 NR Mask
We completed our catalog with this new FFP3 preformed mask with valve, ideal for working in positions where they are in contact with toxic dusts, fumes, water-based powders, fibers, asbestos, cadmium, arsenic ...
You can Unload the sheet from here:
FFP3 Mask(Ref. 30351)

    New Gazete Safetop Nº16!  >> Safetop Gazete

Safetop news Previous numbers


We just launched our Gazete n º 16.
Never miss the latest in quality hand work of our bulletin No. 16.
With articles of new products such as ATG Elite glove, the glove Nitrisol, or the Pearl spectacles .
From here also social networking approach to all of you, from where you can follow our news every week.

Download it from here:
Safetop Gazete 16

February 2011

March 2012

November 2012

April 2013




Available the application for Ipad of ATG!    
  ATG launches an application for Ipad
  ATG has launched an application for iPad that you can download by following the steps listed below:
Step 1: Go to the website of ATG: www.atg-glovesolutions.com
Step 2: bottom left you can access the VIP area. If you have or have you forgotten password, ask your area representative ATG.
Step 3: When you enter the VIP area you have two options (1) Download options or (2) Mobile Applications ATG. Select (2) Mobile Applications ATG.
Step 4: Choose the language for the app you want to install (Spanish)
Step 5: Open the app by pressing the ATG app icon. Synchronization will begin automatically.
The first time will take about 3 to 5 minutes, the following times will only take seconds.


Artícles in the press
Gazcete of Laboral Protection nº 72

Link to the online edition of the Gazette No. 72 Labour Protection